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Regarding the Metaphysical
Kundalini, OBE's, 2012 Mayans, Pleiadians, Annunaki, Sumerian, Karma, Shamanism, Astrology

A little about me
Some say I am a deep and passionate person. I believe that one must be self aware. Speak what you feel and search deeper for the truth about yourself or life in general. Don't take things literally, theres more to any story and it takes two to start a war. Communication and honesty come together in all things. Always do the right thing, even though it doesn't 'get' you to the top, because I believe in Karma and the importance of being 'of service' to others. I prefer to dive into my interests. I consider myself spontaneous. I love to exercise, but I also love to eat. I'd love to have a partner who holds a healthy lifestyle, I've always been independant with that. I know whats it's like to fall of the wagon and dive into a dessert binge with friends! LOL ...
I am Meta-physical, I believe in a higher power, Mother Earth, universal power greater than ourselves perhaps. I believe we need to look inside ourselves for answers we seek and not outside blindly and hope "something' good will happen. 'Know' good can and has happened already, because you (we) hold that power. anyways... PLEASE- no Married men :-)
I prefer a non-smoker, someone who is clean of drugs. Yes, I am non-religion, but I honor life and spirit :)
Thanks !

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