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Regarding the Metaphysical
To the hearts wildness and freedom, shortlived as it may be, it is happiness and good, the joy of emotions. The Metaphysical of me, the emotional man, lost, but of such strength and vigar that to know me is to know the past, yes, but it is also to know goodness of the man, in the mind, the spirit and in the heart of what is a truly good man. For the goodness of my heart is still completely alive within me even if it is caged and I am in hell.

A little about me
To call me the heart or the emotions is something that is true. My heart, even as forsaken in this world as it is, sad and brokenhearted as I am, in modern terms and historically, needs someone to bring out the good that is truly within me. What can I say. I was a vulnerable child once. I believe in myself and I don't believe in the modern world philosophy. I accept it but it needs to accept me too. I know the wildness of my heart and I know I would have been the true choice in this world had it had the guts to choose it. I dream of such a world. An endless honeymoon like world where we would just fly off together and live a life of endless joy. What a world it would have been. A world filled with emotions of good and of love.

Let me tell you about you
Accepting, honest, loving, truthful and goodhearted? I can accept anything about you, as attractive or homely as you will, rich or poor (I would prefer poor), thin or pudgy, (I have a hard time with obese), what you own or what you do, anything. I only ask for sincerity. If you are a Gemini, Leo or Aquarius, that would be wonderful. I am a Libra so so much all the better.

Others see these qualities in myself
Extremely good hearted and loving. Very generous and giving. I have a very deep and wild heart that is love itself. I may sin, but there is no real evil in me.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
Lying in the depths of hell, fallen and forsaken. Also, to tell you the truth, if you must know, they say it takes two to Tango, but that is not necessarily true. And the results of my endless Tangoing by myself...Well you can SEE what I am trying to say, don't you? I need you and I want you, you understand. You whom I would love.

Does it seem odd for someone to want to have a collection of pre-1970 music, to buy 3 Cream CD's and Surrealistic Pillow by Jefferson Airplane, amounst other hopeful prospects? All the cell phones in the world can't shoot such old music, you know. And good golly miss molly, does it ever sound so good. Want to come rock with me? I do so ever so well.

Additional Information
I very much need someone. Both in spirit and in body. I do have a lot to offer. After all, I am the personable one. I am a lot of fun and I would make you very happy. It is an extremely deep and happy love, however shortlived it must be. I need to have you or I will just wither away. After reading this, you would not believe I am worth it? Come save me. Free my spirit. The world can cast me off, but know that it is doing so to someone who is very much a worthwhile person and man. Is it smart to do so?

Looking for
Long Term Relationship, Friendship, Collaboration,

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