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amor omnia vincit

Regarding the Metaphysical
Efh !

the enquiry into the realm of reality beyond the yet-known frontière of physical science interests me. But I'm skeptical. This kind of journey insearch of truth seems to be fraught with illusions and deviations. And among the people I knew who 're into it, the GENUINE & the SPURIOUS are so confusingly blended together...

Anyway, metaphysics ( plus its subsets: metachemistry etc.), to me, is physics; Besides, the presence of counterfeits denotes the existence of at least one genuine original unit...

Physical or rational science, heavily dependent on the physical senses often extended by instrumentation, and on Reason (interaction of facts & logic) is apparently limited, esp' with regard to us Earthlings.
But is metaphysics (certainly not all a psychic illusion) , with its uncanny ways, not also limited...?

A little about me
Peruvian : that's my alias!

Born in Southern Nigeria. Grew up partly there and partly outside.

Can communicate in some languages: English and Le Français being 2 of them, but not 'the' 2 of 'em.

I am a temperate man; temperate but unconventional, though not categorically radical.

Naturally egalitarian in tendencies.

Fond of letters and numbers (numeracy) and astronomy... That's, I'm in friendship with science but somewhat suspicious of "scientism"...

Between 1990 and 2014 (from 1991 - 2013), my God-consciousness has expanded beyond christianism (the religion of my infancy) and other conventional or institution-based religions.

I'm a perpetual student

Let me tell you about you
I think you already know it: everybody, or better everyone, including the inorganic living entities We sometimes encounter, wants to be given the truth.

I think also we "hear" it well: that sincerity is the "heart" of virtue; and love, an offspring of freedom; freedom a backbone of civilization; and Morality the basis thereof.......

No falsehoods, at least, not in a large way.

You must not deceive yourself about me nor deceive me about yourself.

The earth is our cottage; the universe our playfield. the Primordial Power(s) our constant beacon. Amen!

The dimensions, especially the Spiritual aspects, of the earth & the universe.

Casual science and exploration & investigative daredevilry (tho' I've mellowed in this aspect)

Books; oral stories; electronics {electro- }

Looking for
Friendship, Collaboration,

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