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Ships about to sail. You on board?

Regarding the Metaphysical
I started becoming enlightened in 1990. I love what I do as a high tech Natural Medicine Doctorhealer for 25 years. I work with many aspects of quantum healing even though I feel like I am only mildly intuitive.

A little about me
I've always been a pioneer. My friends call me a rare gem, former petroleum geologist and Dr. Of Natural Medicine. I try to live in a state-of-grace. I'm very respectful and come from a highly respected family. Integrity is very important to me.

Let me tell you about you
You - very romantic and will help me convert an old cruise ship into a sustainable living research vessel to teach how to survive the Climate changes. You have Executive skills to offer the project and can keep me intellectually stimulated.

Others see these qualities in myself
Love to cook healthy meals, outgoing yet can be shy at times. Drug-free and pharmaceutical-free, rarely drink alcohol. Handy with tools like to learn new things. Love to swim, boating, fishing, gardening, some crafts, music the arts, love creating.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
I can be ADD if I'm bored. I tend to multitask and ask questions a lot. I'm very interested in many things and can sometimes go over people's head in conversation. I get things done directly.

Earthquakes, the weather, rocks, quantum healing, geology, travel, photography, hydroponics, aquaponics, climate, gardening, science in general, food, sound healing, philanthropy.

Additional Information
This Climate project is urgent and divinely inspired. It will be a huge undertaking I've been working on for 6 years by myself. I really want a partner who shares my vision and a romantic journey too.

Looking for
I am looking for a very kind, funny, intelligent man who will compliment me who loves to dance, outgoing and energetic.

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