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* love bull~tique

Regarding the Metaphysical
a taurus awaken to the greatest love story never told...love reality in existence love is all there is,being aware to relaxe as love and reflect that perfect love which is the creator sharon love, I AM love express constantly making itself known through the body if you give it your attention.,present moment awareness..song two

A little about me
conscious of giving love,joy of giving ,feeling of love en-motion love in action is not taking of another but rather of giving to the other as recieving is in the giving in its purest form*love is enough,*love is my nature, graditude my attitude so it is.

Let me tell you about you
*love is an activity within you and around you, you cannot be miserable when you enjoy living each day and night the world about you will open as a flower opens to sunlight about you as a marvelous and lovely day there it no place where love is not * love is the only plenty there is

Others see these qualities in myself
see others faults and less pleasent habits as only individual surface expression of being the surface things have absolutely nothing to do with the bond which make real friends so close love is every expression in existence../love is not a thing give it away still you have it only sharing it

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
anything but love is nonsence makes no sense to harbor anything but love,when the feeling of love comes alive within you all else disappear and become good rabbits...HAPPY EASTER.,a rabbit does attract another rabbit.,* love does attract love,.can anything be more simpler than that.

simple life write, design,quiet time down to earth flower/food gardening,tantric paths,mountian trails,beach viewing adventure,..*

Additional Information
inside job.,construct your template a love for self within,the without'. phyical.' will be a mirror reflect of your within back to you therefore you can do love and and give love because you are love,
deeds performed to to help others are caused by love even the unhappiest of individuals respond to the word love as love expresses it grows/expands in all direction no limit to where it goes whom or what it touches to how it expresses itself,understanding is simple love and love is the intelligent and creative force in the universe,love makes us more without destroying me, life insurance by loveability* love is you,you are love, things go better with love the real thing gratitude,..go together like horse&carriage,..*cinderella life story,*of course * upto date on ascension/transition 2012 and beyond

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