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Are you an empath and nurturer?

Regarding the Metaphysical
I am a mystical sensualist, as Alan Watts calls it :))

A little about me
I am a Yoga teacher, poet and artist. My expectations are very realistic, clear and down to earth. I came here 20 years ago from “The Heart of Europe” -- the heart qualities are most important to me in a man. I am open, honest and straightforward -- a deep emotional connection and mindfulness are the basis of intimacy for me. I am open to transforming my old limiting beliefs so that I can live fully in the present, grow and be my personal best -- I want to see the same passion for growth and mindfulness in my partner.

Let me tell you about you
Is your heart as warm as your body? Do you honor & revere all women as aspects of Divine?
Do you accept women for who they are and understand what they want and need?
I want an empath, a nurturer, and a spiritual equal this time around...:))

Others see these qualities in myself
daily walks, yoga and meditation,

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
staying up late, reading too much

music, art, travel, hiking, cinematography

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