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Regarding the Metaphysical
Meditation, Intuition, Spiritual (adhere to basic Buddhist principles, not religious dogma), Dream analysis/symbology, Numerology, Tarot, Palmistry, Chinese Astrology, Eastern Philosophy, Metaphysics, Echart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Choprah.

A little about me
I'm a happy, curious, highly cReAtiVe individual, do photography, graphic art, play guitar, write music & sing.

Enjoy cooking, cycling, nature, growing plants (nothing illegal), garage sales/flea markets, adore cats, speak French & German.

I have deep blue eyes, brown hair, 5'8, 150-lbs (fit), from an Austrian/Slavic heritage. Born in Montreal Aug.23.1958, around 8/9pm, non-smoker/drugger, moderate drinker. If you're as smart as I am, then you should have no trouble finding me on the net through my nickname (at the top of this page) on other sites, or by my interests.

Let me tell you about you
I find green eyed, brunettes, with an olive complextion & a ballerina type physique to be quite attractive... but blondes can have more fun to :)

I commute between Montreal Quebec & Cornwall Ontario. Willing to relocate for the left person.

Friendship that catches fire is how you view Love, which you think can only grow with trust, communication & daily nurture. I like kids but would prefer to have my own someday, not raise someone else's.

Others see these qualities in myself
VERY optimistic, easy going (without being a flake) though quite ambitious, don't watch sports, possess large quantities of chocolate.

Never smoked, don't get drunk or wasted.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
Often late, pathetic sense of humour, frequent embezzler/kleptomaniac & chronic bed wetter, incredibly small you-know-what, pathological liar, often listen to Barry Manilow, can't sprel.

Want to learn more about Jung, Rudolph Steiner, how to do Yoga & (authentic) Feng Shui, see/feel Auras, do Astral projection & experience whatever else might go bump in the night :)

Additional Information
The ideal woman for me would have BRAINS like Einstein, a HEART like Mother Theresa & a BODY like Shania Twain... Well OK, at least if you're REASONABLY close to that description, then I should be REASONABLY happy to meet you :) However: if you're a gorgeous moron, then MAYBE I'll be willing to cut you some slack...

I listen to Classical & Jazz music, 70's rock & progressive music (Yes, Led-Zep), good pop artists (Sting, Prince, Seal). Watch PBS, Sci-Fi flicks & romantic comedies from the 40's & 50's.

Looking for
Long Term Relationship, Friendship, Collaboration,

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