Teri ~ Truthsmacabre
Bullhead City
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Get busy living, or get busy dying - INDEED * I AM.

Regarding the Metaphysical
My passion is metaphysics in all of it's many expressions. I believe that we are all creating our own lives with our thoughts - feelings and focus on same. I believe that Para-normal is actually quite normal for those whom allow it to be so.

A little about me
I am one who is open minded but also rather opinionated. I can change my thoughts to deal with new situations, however. I place value on intelligence, compassion and truthfulness in dealings with others and taking responsibility for ones own actions. I love nature and animals and prefer more country to city settings. I take my journey seriously, but I am working on that! LOL! I am not shy to bring up paranormal this or UFO that. I don't wear tin foil, in any way, however. I am a student of the Seth material and also of Abraham Hicks. Not that is matters that much but my physical stature is 5'8" tall and a few extra pounds. I'm quite robust and no delicate flower.

Let me tell you about you
You *might* be a Medium-istic sort of fellow, or at the very least one who follows his own 'inner guidance'. This should be a way of life and quite a natural thing for you. Preferably you are of sound physical health and all around fortitude. You Love / value animals and 'vibe' with what I've written about myself.

Others see these qualities in myself
Love to laugh and do so daily. I'm a no nonsense type of gal, despite the fact that I can find the humor in just about anything and everything life has to offer. If something needs to get done those around me know that if it's entrusted to and accepted by me that it will be done.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
I only get ONE? LOL! A bad habit, I suppose, would be to dwell on not so helpful thoughts for too long. I tend to 'overthink' situations or deny my own higher knowing at times.

My interests include writing and photography. I am not a social individual. I prefer very small groups or just you and me... I prefer individuals who are intellectually equal to me or who are at least true seekers of the ways of the authentic realms of our creation. I love to keep a 'child like' nature for myself and those whom are around me. This is not to be confused with 'child-ish' however, as that is a completely different attitude altogether!

Additional Information
I am Widowed from a Soul Mate who was by my side for 15 years. His *ethereal* non-physical presence won't interfere with my journey and joining with one who will continue on it with me.

Looking for
ONE who touches my Soul. We may feel as if we've already met. We'll co-create **as the wind blows**

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