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Spiritual Being in a Human Vessel

Regarding the Metaphysical
We are the universe, we are light. Energy, vibrations and frequencies are creation. Consciousness, meditation to silence a chattering Mind. I am on a path to be the highest version of me everyday. Love is everything, feelings are true language.

A little about me
I am conscious of myself, on a spiritual journey and thankful to be awake. I love communication, the universe and everything it consists of. Feelings and emotions are important to me. Learning and growing is the focal point of my life, soul is everything.

Let me tell you about you
I think you would be a kind soul, lover of nature and life. A thirst for all the things hidden from plain sight, adventurous with a depth that has no end. Someone who is awake, conscious, intuitive, empathetic and able to communicate.

Others see these qualities in myself
Being able to listen and communicate without emotional triggers. Very empathetic, aware of my feminine side, ego etc. I’m a vegan so good eating habits. Open minded and appreciate all perspectives of life. Honest with high morals, love of life

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
I can be over analytical at times, and have to work to let things flow. But I am aware of it, and use meditation to silence my mind.

Stars, Energy, quantum theories, light, the planets, the universe, entanglement, love, feelings, the soul, learning, life, nature, memories, animals, the moon, becoming a the highest version of myself

Additional Information
I’m Cancer in many placements... my MBTI is INFP... I normally feel to deep for most people which is why I’m here. Im an Intuitive Empath and love the language of feelings. Just living life

Looking for
Someone to learn and grow with, with similar interests. Someone to share life and all the things learned with.

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