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Meditator Yoga Communicator Creative NVC

Regarding the Metaphysical
We are spiritual. Out of God comes all things. And, like the song, "It's in every one of us to be wise. We just have to find ourselves and open up to It.

A little about me
Hi, Here's something that I believe is important to be upfront about: I'm going through a financial recovery right now which will probably continue for 6-9 months more. This is a remake for me, a powerful healing. I say this because I believe many women would not want a man who isn’t somewhat well off at my age. But maybe you would like to see it differently or do see it differently. So I'll share what I'm thankful for in myself: That my life is not about what I'm dealt but about HOW I deal with it (i.e., my attitude my attitude my attitude). More about this if you're interested....My passions: Prayer, showing kindness, being of service, consistent exercise (swimming, yoga, gym), expressing creatively (in business and in a number of arts) and having fun with others wherever I am. I eat healthfully, am close with my son and mom, always have melodies in me, love songs that make me dance and, oh yes, amazing nature. Lastly, I'm a student of Compassionate Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and the very helpful Enneagram. Do you think we could be a support for each other in the direction we each want to go? If so, send a personal email. Paul (Scottsdale AZ).

Let me tell you about you
Not sure what to say because I'm wide open.

Others see these qualities in myself
Rarely forget that there is good in everything, everyone. I'm also have skills as a student and love learning. I have a lot of focus as well.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
At times, still can eat a little more than my body would like and I can want some things right now and feel impatient. I counter my impatience with being mindful and to remember what my direction is.

Being as alive and present as I can is #1. I express as a water color painter, creative photographer and letter-like writer.

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