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Regarding the Metaphysical
I have been into metaphysics in one form or another for my entire life. It is my life path and the only form of spirituality (and I have studied many) that suits me personally. A metaphysical lifestyle brings me joy.

A little about me
My spiritual journey is the most important thing in my life, because it IS my life.

When my next life partner and I come together I know that his path will be as important to him as mine is to me, and it will be a joy to blend our traditions together...and he will become my life as much as my spiritual path...the two shall merge and become inseparable.

My basic astrology: Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon, Aquarius Rising. My Venus is in Gemini and my Mars is in Pisces. I have Leo on the cusp of the 7th house of relationships. Leos have played a major role in my life, but I blend well with other signs too.

I am 5'8" tall, very slender. I don't look or feel my age. I stay very busy and active. I have many shining qualities, but prefer you to discover these on your own and draw your own conclusions. Isn't the discovery process one of the sweetest parts of a new relationship?

I don't smoke (anything) and very rarely drink. I am into nutrition and holistic health. See the section "These are my best habits" for more information on me :)

Let me tell you about you
You will be handsome (in my eyes) You will be 5'10" or taller. You will love and understand me for who I am. You will be a non-smoker (tobacco) You will like children, animals and nature.

Your astrology will be compatible with mine. You will NOT be a Gemini sun (sorry) but you WILL have Mars in Gemini.

You will have a good sense of humor. You will be easy to talk to. You will be seeking and wanting me as much as I have been seeking and wanting you.

You will feel at ease if I ask you questions about your life experiences or your past. You will have the same consciousness as myself. You will be good with money.

You will be kind. You will be handy to have around the house and be good with your hands. You will be even tempered and not anger easily. You will be soft spoken. You will be local within the Sarasota, St. Pete, Tampa area.

You are sincerely seeking a loving woman for your future with a mind towards commitment in the relationship.

You will have musical tastes similar to mine. You enjoy limited travel. You are still active, don't have a full beard or extra weight. You will be either 3 years younger or 3 years older.

Yes - tall order I know - but I KNOW you are out there...I can sense your energy and feel like you are just "around the corner."

Others see these qualities in myself
I meditate twice daily. I'm kind, loving, gentle, romantic, fun to be around. I'm thoughtful, generous, intelligent, Positive and interesting. Some think I'm pretty.

I am a mother, daughter, sister, friend, and former wife.

I love people, animals, nature and doing my small part to help the advancement of human evolution on planet earth.

I have my own business while at the same time serving others in running their businesses.

I'm affectionate. I like to smile. I like to touch and be touched. I am playful

I have a very open 4th chakra and I'm very loving...I am not in the least dramatic or vindictive, jealous or mean spirited. I think I have evolved beyond that.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
If my heart is deeply wounded, I have been a bit reactionary in the past. I am working on improving this tendency.

Yoga, Dancing, Cycling, Astrology, Reiki and other forms of Healing, Reading, Deep Conversations, Music, Music, Music, Travel, Cooking, Friends, Family, Walking, Swimming, Romance, Snuggling, Kissing, Affection

Additional Information
"If I were the stars ...
I would sparkle like never before and fall from the sky as gentle rain,
so that you would always look towards heaven and know that you can reach the stars."
~Cameron Wright~

Looking for
Long Term Relationship, Marriage,

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