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Spiritual, Intuitive, Empath INFJ

Regarding the Metaphysical
Empath, INFJ feeling and intuitive. Mystic, David R. Hawkins, Tolle, Taoism, Gangaji. Hafiz. Rumi.

A little about me
I am very intelligent, well educated, insightful, romantic, emotionally available, dependable, genuine, serious and sincere and I have a dry wit and I know the wisdom of being silly and child like. I value integrity and loyalty and I am usually calm and intuitive or playful. I know many spiritual truths by direct mystical experience.

Others see these qualities in myself
I can make most people laugh. If I can't make you laugh, then you are probably dead!

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
I like napping! Some call it meditation.

Energy medicine. Spiritual healing. Being in nature. Hiking. Manifesting.

Additional Information
Looking for a spiritual and pretty woman for love, peace, joy and learning.

I am usually a good listener and emotionally available and have a good balance between what I think and what I feel, between my head and my heart, and I can feel and talk about my emotions at the same time. I am very intelligent, insightful, creative, playful, spiritual, romantic, adventuresome, dependable, genuine, serious and sincere and silly. I know the wisdom of being silly and child like. I know the joy of living joyously in the moment without attachment. I also have a dry wit, am poetic, mystical, entrepreneurial and have the ability to understand complex issues. I value integrity and loyalty and I am usually warm, caring, calm and intuitive. I prefer to be open and honest, can lead or follow, have the ability to relate to all types of people and I genuinely enjoy helping others. I have a wide diversity of interests and I enjoy simple pleasures too like being in nature and being by the water, belly laughing, craigs list, meditation, energy medicine, theater, gazing at the stars, walks, day hikes, flowers, and the poetry of Hafiz and Rumi. Michael

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