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We are all one and through oneness we are many stars awaiting enlightenment!

Regarding the Metaphysical
Metaphysical is the fire in my life. It has opened my mind, body, and soul in so many different ways. Meditation and Astral projection helps me to explore many realms of life and beyond. It has taught me to love more and to stay optimistic.

A little about me
I am a metaphysical individual who loves to connect with others who are like minded. I enjoy the quality of life, and there's nothing more beautiful than having a companion who can share their knowledge of metaphysics with me, teach, and show me.

Let me tell you about you
If you are not the one yet, than you gotta be a prototype. With that being said, someone who is filled with wisdom and knowledge. So humble, but yet aggressive when needed. But more than that, someone who is rich with love and loyal to metaphysics.

Others see these qualities in myself
3 is my favorite #, and I tend to do certain things in 3's, and not even conscious that I'm doing it. It's not visible in a sense, but kind of funny when you catch it. My intelligence is beyond so I tend to make sarcastic jokes on simplicity of life.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
I can't hold back on my metaphysics, so when I'm interacting with others who are not, somewhere, somehow I may say something pertaining to it, or related to the universe and people would give me this weird look sometimes, lol, like who are you.

I love reading, researching, meditation, yoga, Astral projection and anything that is beyond what is normal. Exploration of the universe, realms, the mind and soul, and of course the metaphysical.

Additional Information
Someone who is one with metaphysics and the universe, who can see everything from different angles. Easy to talk too, and is willing to explore and grow with me.

Looking for
Someone who is intelligent, loving, understanding and can make me smile. Someone who is helpful rather than judgemental

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