Kuala Lumpur
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Just a Source Spark floating in Space

Regarding the Metaphysical
As above so below.. Metaphysics is who we are.. The magic of Spirituality and Science combined.. The Microcosm of the Macrocosm.. We are the Creators of our 'Realities!!!

A little about me
I'm here to raise my Vibrations for the greater good of Humanity and pierce the Veil of Deception.. Im on a journey that lead by my Intuition to seek the ultimate 'Truth' of our existence.

Let me tell you about you
Someone who is truly in their Spiritual Journey of Self Discovery and Sovereignity. Someone who embrace the Darkness and Light of these awesome planet Earth @ Gaia and who are here to raise their Vibration so we can exit the 'Maya'/ Illusion of this 3D Matrix.

Others see these qualities in myself
I'm the 'Eye of the Storm' :-)

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
I QUESTION Everything!!!

Meditation.. Yoga.. Crystal Healing.. Nature Grounding.. Music and Art

Additional Information
Ever since I was a child I had deep connections with the Cosmos :-) The night sky was my best friend growing up and always thought I was from Andromeda M31..

Looking for
Friendship, My soul tribe, Metaphysical connection, Spirit science networking,

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