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Seeking in the Northwest

Regarding the Metaphysical
Looking back, it seems I've been on a spiritual path all my life, beginning at age 3 when I first met my Spirit Guide. I began a deliberate conscious path in my teens via Christianity and began to blend this with holistic approaches in my early 40s. Each phase of my life has evoked differing manifestations of opportunities for growth. I am entering a wonderous phase now that I am retired.

I am certified as a Kundalini Meditation instructor and had my own holistic school a few years ago...worth trying again, perhaps. I've yearned to be part of a retreat center.

I am retired from my official employment as a minister, fiscal analyst, budget and finance director, audit associate for gift compliance...working at the regional and national levels of a major non-profit organization.

I am disillusioned with bureaucratic institutions. I find the first paragraph above hints at the passion I bring to my authentic Life Work. Being retired from the corporate world, I cherish the freedom to explore metaphysical aspects of Life...other dimensions and modes of self discovery, awakening and consciousness.

A little about me
I am, as the Profile Title suggests, a seeker. My focus is the Northwest (Seattle area and north). My consciousness/awareness is continually unfolding and I find this process is facilitated by support from other kindred spirits. For me, a relationship such as I seek is like being on parallel paths: sometimes we walk hand-in hand when our paths come together. Other times our paths diverge but we can still see each other through the bushes.

I am patient, loyal, sensitive, insightful, generous in things both material and non-material. I want to be in another's life without being joined at the hips. We would practice living in the Now while still being alert to the consequences of our actions. For a decade and a half have felt that I am living in two "worlds" (physical and energetic) simultaneously.

I need regular times solitude, as do you. I prefer a few intimate friends. I love gatherings of like minded folks, but cannot stand the empty posturing of yuppie-type parties.

I believe that if we can share jokes (especially private ones) we have a good chance for a relationship.

Let me tell you about you
At the core is "friendship first". I hope to connect with someone who is conscious and intentional about her spiritual journey and would value a partner who also seeks mutual growth, support and celebration.

I am looking for a kindred spirit but not a clone. We share many outlooks and values, carry on intelligent conversations, connect on a deep inner level. You are sensitive and thoughtful and, if it is to be, tantric as well as cuddly.

Friends totally cool is that?

My son, daughter and newborn granddaughter live in Port Townsend. I intend to relocate to Washington in 2011, at least for part of the year. Currently we are exploring property options on Orcas Island. If you live nearby, perhaps we might begin a conversation just for fun? It would be super if I had a friend when I come to the area!

I seek someone wise enough to "let me in" and is open to "being let in". You are someoneone who says what she means with gentleness and kindness. You have found that delicate balance between the material/non-material, old baggage/new "aha"s. You still catch your breath in wonder at a sunset, the glint of light on falling snow, a red wing blackbird, rain on a tin roof, making love in a thunderstorm. A priority for you is a relationship which is mutually supportive, built upon ongoing communication and sharing.

Like me, you are mature yet still child-like. Like me, you are not afraid to be vulnerable vulnerable. You like to laugh and have fun. I want to be able to do and be the same with you. Total honesty and trust and building from there.

You love Mother Earth and protect the environment.

Others see these qualities in myself
I drive the speed limit as a spiritual discipline. I bless road kill. I make wonderous bread, cakes, sauces (so I'm told) and love to try out new recipies...

I love cider and drink it all the time. Carrots and melons taste terrible to me. I can easily become "addicted" to gummy bears. :>

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
I know myself regarding this, but I don't know you yet. After all, this is not "Baggage". We would walk the Path together. :>

I love to sing, although I cannot read music. I've been in choirs and choruses (Tenor) since high school.

I am definitely more of a cat person, although dogs are ok.

On occasion, I am a Healer.

Additional Information
Things I enjoy: Sailing, baseball, photography, antique restoration, herb and flower gardening, day trips, reading/discussion, unique places to dine, kyacking, singing, drumming, international travel, beach combing, metal detection/meteor hunting, archeological digs.

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