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Looking For Lifetime Partner

Regarding the Metaphysical
I do spend time to meditate and connect with "source" energy.I have participated in numerous and various types of spiritual and psychological growth programs. Psychic/ Intuitive Readings, Reiki, attend Metaphysical Church, love and personally work with Crystals as well as gods and goddess energies.

A little about me
I am attractive, quite extroverted, intelligent, romantic, and young at heart. I actually do look many years younger than my biological age. I take great care of myself: physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. I enjoy a variety of activities in particular I work out regularly (previously certified as a personal trainer-for my own knowledge). I am an extrovert. I eat very healthy with organic foods whenever possible. I am very balanced also with earthly life.

Let me tell you about you
I am looking for a mature individual who is healthy in all aspects of life: spiritually, emotionally, sexually, mentally and physically. She is nurturing, loving, compassionate and is physically attractive to me (slim-slender/athletic build). She would also be intelligent, on her own spiritual-growth path, and wishes to have a "conscious", loving romantic partnership. My soulmate is desirous of getting married and is okay with not having any children with me.

Others see these qualities in myself
I feel that it is life altering and earth shattering to work on inner emotional and spiritual healing of one's self! This is a lifelong journey for me. However, I can personally attest to the incredible results in my life. I am now passionately working with some people to have this be available to more people in their lives.

Additional Information
I have several favorite authors. Scott Peck is one who wrote 2 books that I have learned tremendously from: "The Road Less Traveled" (the book that started me on my continuing ongoing journey into personal growth and development) and "The People of the Lie". Arthur Janov who wrote numerous books including "Primal Scream" that I have learned how to use his promoted techniques to greatly enhance my life in doing deep healing work. Alice Miller who wrote "Drama of The Gifted Child" that had me look deep inside myself related to my life. Patrick Kelly who wrote some very practical books related to my business that helped me begin a positive change of direction in helping my clients. He wrote "Tax-Free Retirement" and "The Retirement Miracle".

Looking for
Long Term Relationship,

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