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Seeking Trusted Pathways

Regarding the Metaphysical
Before "What the Bleep..." I developed ways of channeling energy (distance viewing, telekinesis, manifestationing). I believe that a thought is a reality, all that must happen is to bring that thought into a physical form. Never formally studying metaphysics, but aquired abilities on my own. One outerbody experience back in 1986 in a controled seminar turned my life upside down. I lost all those moments for a few years due to caregiving for another. Now is my time to live in light, claim universal energy and be an example for advancement of others.

A little about me
Born and raised in Texas. Married once, which lasted four years, which ended amicably, no children. Parents are passed. I love new technology, yet old world charm. I love to entertain and "take the stage." I believe that is part of knowing how to "turn on" one's glowing energy. Remember how two people that are in love take all diners attention when they walk into a restaurant? Like that.

Let me tell you about you
I am not looking for "the one," but for opportunities to help each other achive goals or give guidence to open new thoughts and ideas to one another. If this grows into a permanent partnership, I would love it. Ideally, you would love music (New age to classical) country and rap have no place in my life. You honor your physical body by staying in good shape and can join me biking. Want to go on a picnic, listen to music, read a book and share thoughts? I'm there in a moment!

Others see these qualities in myself
Being of service to others and my positive outlook.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
As a past chef, I created foods that others love, but are not good for myself. I haven't figured out how to make "twigs & berries" taste like beef wellington....yet.

Now, as a founder of a software company, I have a goal to set in motion an awakening to humanity to learn how to have a better, healthier life.

My intuition also is being trusted more and more, yet there are times that I press issues which I am slowly ackowledging are negative and draining.

I am a past chef, past professional opera singer. Love riding bikes both comfort and road, bowling, exploring new places, European travel, college football, singing in a church (which helps bring others closer to how they understand what God is), hiking through trees/forests, sitting on the beach (new to me) with a glass of pinot, getting up early to watch the sunrise. Currently, I am facinated by tonal vibrational applications, such as Nicola Tesla's genius and Royal Rife's applications. On the scary side of that is the governments development of HAARP.

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