Light spirit
United Kingdom
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Looking for a soulmate

Regarding the Metaphysical
angels, healing, tarot, meditation, remote viewing, mediumship, astral travel and I want to learn more about other subjects like Wiccan, Shamanism etc.

A little about me
I am me. I never seem to have time to relax as I seem to be helping so many people and feel it is time to slow down and have some free time to spend it with someone special.

I am very easy going and try to be helpful. I would like to find someone special to be a friend, partner, teacher, pupil and to work with.

Let me tell you about you
Hmmmm I would hope that are a nice good person and would become my best and closest friend. Someone with some similar interests and gifts as myself and would like us to work together to learn from and teach eachother and to help others.

Others see these qualities in myself
Loving, caring, helpful, not judgemental, easy going and understanding.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
I probably think to much and I can be very simple at times lol.

tennis, swimming, walking, reading, learning, travelling, nature and diy.

Additional Information
I am 6ft 2 ins tall 50 and divorced.
I am looking for someone that has that special spark. who I would hope we could work together and grow together.
I do not have an ideal mate lol as I think if you make to many things you want in a person it could be impossible to find such a person.

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