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United States
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Regarding the Metaphysical
Meditation, Buddhism, energy healing work, Kahbala, personal ritual and prayer work

Others see these qualities in myself
Taking care of my children and myself (self nurturing), paying my bills, disciplined in training mind, body, and spirit.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
Taking on to much at times, the letting go of certain types of attachments and emotions, don't make my bed every morning

Martial art instructor, hiking, basketball, writing, reading, sharing

Additional Information
Wishing everyone well. Looking for that someone to connect with on a deep spiritual level to share NOT control or map perceptions onto. Someone who can be playful and is not to sarcastic. Some who I can converse with for hours or simply be in their presence without any words. Someone who realizes that relationships are mirrors reflecting our own stuff back at us then be willing to own that and grow from that. There is so much beauty around us and would like to share in the engagement of that beauty holistically. I would also like someone who isn't judgmental and is OK meeting new and exciting people as I have friends who are on both spectrums of spirituality and metaphysics.

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