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Looking for the other half of me, the time is now

Regarding the Metaphysical
I have been working with energies and
spirit since I was a child.I'm a cosmic wandering shamen.I practice a couple different kinds of meditation.Looking for the other half of me in female form.

A little about me
I have worked on my self in many ways and I continue to work on my self.I feel and see energy in people help them on their paths I wish this for myself.I 'm full of passion sensitive ,understanding, love to grow as a person. Understanding my life on this plane.Connections to hidden parts of my self is what i'm working on at the moment. Intuitive.

Let me tell you about you
In dreams, I see her with me. She is powerful, wise, intuitive , sexual, has great passion. Will make a great wife and mother to our children. Practices different kinds of magic.

Others see these qualities in myself
Intuitive,even tempered ,wise, romantic,loving, passion, good listener,
thoughtful,great cook.Loves to show affection,

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
sometimes what I think someone says
isn't exactly what they say. sometimes i'm a bit lazy and want to stay at home.

Drawing, reading, researching,dancing, shopping,planning events,

Additional Information
it's time we find each other. Fate will bring us together.

Looking for
A true love connection which flows through space and time. Which is lasting until we each move on to an other plane. Whi

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