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Cosmic Love and Uncommon Sense

Regarding the Metaphysical
Poetically speaking - it seems that it's a God dreamt Universe and we're dream subjects in it. Like fractals, it's minds within Mind. Mind appears to be a non local phenomena and the body and brain are in it - not the other way around. So if consciousness is primary and survives death of the physical, then there's a new perspective and attitude to life and living. The expansion and expression of heart and mind goes on and on and on, life after life after life. There's a bigger Cosmic story going on and I'm much more interested in that than acquiring more and more stuff until the day I die. Any thoughts on that - please drop me a line. = )

A little about me
Alternative, artistic, creative, free thinking, free spirited time travelling hippie with soul. Loves music, dancing, laughing, learning, and nature most of all.

Doesn't care for sport, cars, bikes, gadgets, gambling or drinking and my ambitions are simple artistic ones - measuring success in how I feel about my art, not if it's sold.

Shies away from the mainstream, - especially with music. I like quite a few styles of electronic and acoustic, chilled, funky, jazzy, latin and soulful dance floor stuff. I like a few bands and live music too, but as with the dance music - nothing too noisy or hardcore. It's all down to frequencies to which I'm sensitive in people as much as music, TV and film. Last year I saw Nitin Sahwney, Brand New Heavies, The Hics, James Blake, Agnes Obel and Submotion Orchestra - quite eclectic. I love to dance and feel the spirit and vibes from smiling faces on the dance floor. I have always loved London for nightlife. High Street and alcohol culture is not my scene at all, but like to dine out on occasion.

My favourite radio show is Gille's Peterson's 'Worldwide' on BBC Radio 6 and when I'm at home, I generally listen to music more than watch TV, - in fact I rarely watch TV these days - just the odd film. I do watch quite a lot of 'free thinking', body, mind, spirit stuff on Youtube though. Wouldn't say no to a bit of that DVD and sofa life sometimes. = )

People express their spirituality in many ways - I read and study esoteric wisdom, scientific mysticism, I paint, draw, dance, listen to music and try and spend as much time out in nature as I can. I'm an eternal optimist and know how I want to live. For me, life is about continued soul growth through good times and bad and the expansion and expression of heart and mind. Some things just aren't important. You can't take anything with you - just experience, and so it's all down to the relationships we have with family, friends, lovers and ourselves I think. Honest and open communication is vital - to understand, love, learn and grow - and I think that our relationships should inspire us to be more, to be better and in a way, to hopefully rub off on each other.

Let me tell you about you
I'm looking for someone similar for hang out and chill out first, perhaps for some gigs, concerts and the odd festival, but mainly for getting out and about around the UK with; for some European adventures, weekend getaways, companionship, conversation, sight-seeing, laughing and mucking about, walking, cycling, camping, beaches, forests, hills and dales - that kind of thing.

A lover of music and nature and things that feed the soul. Someone to share life and interests with and perhaps introduce each other to new ideas/views, music and pastimes - to build a steady friendship first, to see if we connect on all levels before anything more.

Physical attraction is important, as is a similar sense of humour, but there needs to be some kind of spiritual and mental affinity, because that, along with laughter results in a lasting chemistry (I think). It's more to do with soul attraction, a vibe and electrical magnetism. I'm interested in who you are, and what you're into - the hidden side of you if you like, and the more interests you have and the more of those we share, the better I think for that meaningful, life-long best friend and lover - perhaps even a soul mate relationship. = )

We're all searching for that special someone and they're hard to find - so I am willing to relocate - in fact since things are so much quieter these days due to friends being in the family way or settled in front of their TVs, I'd love to relocate and start a new chapter in life. A distance friendship/relationship is cool with me in the meantime and see how it goes. Time apart, the anticipation of meeting up and the travelling, the emails and phone calls are all part of it. = )

Others see these qualities in myself
= / hmmmmm?

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
= O ooooooh!

music, dancing, art, photoshop, design, galleries, sleep, dreams, love, affection, sensuality, massage, more music, walking, cycling, forests, coasts, camping, Scotland, Wales, castles, touring, festivals, museums, home and garden, reading, Youtube, Soundcloud, cinema, music again, I AM (more or less) INTERESTED IN - Hindu philosophy, spirituality, the Pathwork lectures, metaphysics, Theosophy, psychology, The Enneagram, Karma, reincarnation, meditation, sleep, dreams, consciousness, Mind, The Universe.

AND PEOPLE LIKE - Paul Brunton, Alice Bailey, William Meader, Claudio Naranjo, Neil Kramer, Rupert Sheldrake, Terrence McKenna, Manly Palmer Hall and Carl Jung, Bernardo Kastrup, Richard Tarnas, Stanislav Grof

YOUTUBE CHANNELS - ConsciousTV, ArchetypalView, MPHarchive, Terrenc

Looking for
Long Term Relationship, Friendship,

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