San Jose
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Only the humble and open minded may enter here

Regarding the Metaphysical
All is as it should be, thus let it all go and be in the present. I am of Angelic decent; I know my human ego from my spirit. For we are not humans, we are spiritual beings. If ye not be humble, choosing to defend rather than love, do not chose me.

A little about me
Angelic, serving myself first thus to serve the light, uphold humility, eradicate fear, heal the broken, teach mankind how to feel Heaven. I am all things just, true, and humble. I am a warrior of love and the light with a dash of humor and bright.

Let me tell you about you
A companion of love and fortitude, needing nothing besides heaven and love, willing to follow the path of source where ever it might lead us

Others see these qualities in myself
I am humble,
I always consider your gut and heart,
I will show you your own shadow in order to lift you into the light,
I will encourage and practice having our own time and space for as long as we need,
I am beyond understanding of one's needs,

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
If I am being boldly honest from a spiritual perspective, my habit to want to help you with things you need do for yourself only prolongs your own suffering.

Physical activities,
All things esoteric and hidden,
Anything about other worldly beings,
Anything about how energy works in any way (especially with humans),
Astral Projection
Any spiritual knowledge

Additional Information
For all those reading, no matter what you find it life, know you are loved and watched over; your presence here is not unnoticed and you are not even close to unimportant. Be at peace

Looking for
A beacon of light, a bright paragon of fortitude, a loving intuitive, one whom serves the light to be free of their ego.

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