Glenwood Springs
United States
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Ah, There you are... My friend, good to see you again.

Regarding the Metaphysical
Metaphysical, slightly hermetic and Buddhist, elemental, quantum, reincarnation, just about anything positive.
I'm pretty casual about my spirituality because it's just who I am, it already encompasses my being.
The book "Journey of souls" and "Destiny of souls" really touched me.

A little about me
Serious face with a gooey silly interior. I'm kinda quiet, generally calm and mellow. I like Quantum thoughts, hubble pictures, occasionally I play with little energy balls. (I'm so glad I can say that and you don't think I'm crazy. :} ) Working on becoming a travel writer. Kind, loving, supportive, affectionate, I like stones, herbs... I think I'll save the rest so we have something to talk about.

Let me tell you about you
Calm, definitely a sense of absurd humor. Someone who believes in letting your best friend know how much you appreciate her. (Appreciation makes me really, really happy. I start to glow.)
Not really looking for the knight, I get along better with the magicians apprentice.
No 6 pack required, but ya gotta at least take care of yourself, and be healthy. Please no sports (Football, basketball) fanatics, you know what I mean. Someone who seems to disappear for the entire season. Martial arts are just fine.

Others see these qualities in myself
I'm fair. I fight clean, my style is negotiation. I pay attention to my intuitive nature. I have fantastic ideas. I'm cuddly. I try to eat well and keep myself healthy. My brain is active. I don't smoke or drink. I'm a decent herbalist. I'm a great friend. I show my appreciation and admiration.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
I have a tendency to avoid negativity and conflict rather then dealing with it head on. Mostly it puzzles me.
I'm working on letting fear go, so I worry a lot.
I see so many sides to an issue that sometimes I'm a bit scatterbrained and lack the follow thru I would like.
I'm afraid to open those exploding tubes of biscuits.

Ren Faire, enjoying nature, farmers markets, festivals, sustainability, traveling, vanning, cooking, theater, concerts, lectures, occasionally a really good nap. I think artisans with a passion are fascinating(even if I'm not into the hobby). I do some untrained stretching which I'm told looks like a cross between QiGong and Yoga. I like to walk around and explore my environment. I wouldn't mind leaving the US and becoming an expat,India food, giving myself internet 'courses' on things that catch my eye.

Additional Information
I get along great with Chinese Dragons.
INFJ Briggs personality.

Looking for
Long Term Relationship, Friendship, Collaboration,

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