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Venus & Mars are allright tonight

Regarding the Metaphysical
Astrology, weekday rulers, Edgar Cayce, meditation, The Bible, cosmology. I am a member of NCGR.

A little about me
I am a blue eyed, brown/gray hair, gray bearded, chubby, 5'7" bundle of wit, charm, anachronisms & tastefulness. If you prefer butter to margarine, albacore to chunk light we could happen. I was born Friday July 2, '43 @ 10:05 AM, Miami,FL with Venus exactly rising. If that has meaning for you please respond. I'm looking for a Tuesday or Friday soul-mate so please tell me your DOB. You can see my site at

Let me tell you about you
Id really like to hear from a lady born Tuesday Mar 6,'51 as that is the same number of days between Clark Gable & Carole Lombard, one of the greatest love stories I've seen in recent times.

Others see these qualities in myself
I'm witty, gentle, deep, articulate, knowledgeable, a gentleman and a survivor. I never married but no stranger to relationships, just never found the the one where we both agreed we are soul-mates.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
I quit smoking last December. I drink for medicinal purposes and I'm sick every evening.

Swimming, biking, boating, hiking, collecting celebrity charts and putting them on my website.

Additional Information
The 7 Days of Creation came before the 12 tribes of Israel(Sun signs). Leading me to perceive the more fractal, uneven & true nature of life.

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