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Sharing perfect energy!

Regarding the Metaphysical
I am a part of the whole collective consciousness of GOD source. I learn and grow spiritually every day. I am an intuitive, life coach, healer and reader. My center is love and light. I Strive each and every day to be the best light I can be and hold that light for the awakening of the earth.

A little about me
I am overall a happy person and create that happiness for myself. I wish to share that with someone special who is as authentic as I am. I am love, light peace and joy and a beautiful expression of God Source.

Let me tell you about you
I believe my perfectly aligned match is going to have the same values as I have and will want to grow and share the wisdom and knowledge that we have learned. It is already known that you are a gentleman and are respectful, loving and compassionate and are living your joy and passion.

Others see these qualities in myself
Even though I have grown leaps and bounds spiritually in this lifetime, I am somewhat old fashioned when it comes to relationships. I appreciate my man taking the traditional masculine role as I take the traditional feminine role. I am well put together body, mind and spirit.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
I will absolutely admit that I do have one addiction, which in the big scheme of things really isn't all that bad, so I believe. It is important to me to always look my best. I enjoy wearing a wide variety of dresses. So my addiction is dress buying and accessories to match!

I enjoy re-purposing things, especially furniture. I love antique and thrift store shopping. In cooler weather, I enjoy connecting with the beautiful nature that we have to enjoy. Dining one on one with lots of conversation!

Additional Information
Part of my core is loving animals and looking for a much better way for them, where humans fail them. I have dogs. It would be a grand fit for my partner to love dogs as well.

Looking for
A gentleman who is loving, caring and compassionate to develop a friendship that grows to a deeper level of compatibilit

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