Canyon Lake
United States
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Regarding the Metaphysical
I have learned to call it just plain spiritual...
The many differentiations we have created are actually nonexistant...In my opinion...

A little about me
Pseudo romantic sexcapades and the discussions of such topics are of no interest to me... Been there and done that and didn't want the stupid t-shirt... Friendship is the only true form of union, regardless of the form it might take - so that is my "angle"

Let me tell you about you
Do not lie, do not be cruel, do not be stupid... we should get along just fine...

Others see these qualities in myself
Protective, loyal, honest, true to my nature, generally motivated by love and compassion, or at least truth as I understand it; open-minded and attempting to be more nonjudgemental; able to look into the "big mirror" and see myself as I am (good and bad)= Nurturing the good, transforming the bad into good = what I try to do everyday; Caring; Strong; Fierce; Gentle... basically bi-polar :) Absolutely detest games and would rather be ran over by a mack truck 14 times before I would willing participate in social stupidity and foolish drama; learning to be more of a gentle warrior

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
Brutally honest when necessary, and sometimes when it is not so necessary; Willing to die, mangle, and destroy to protect the innocent (including myself, if ever I fall into such a category); Tell it like it is, and pay the price; OPINIONATED; not always the most loving of creatures; sometimes a hell cat; would kick the crap out of an abuser before I'd become the abused (wait, is that a bad thing??)

Nature, Outdoors, Animal Welfare, Environmental Awareness, the Spirit, Art, Frida Kahlo, Yoga, Beautiful Things, Family, My daughter and my cats, Learning, Growing, Questing

Additional Information
I am actually one of the most loving humans you will ever know, provided you get to know me

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