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The Most Interesting Modern-Day Man Alive

Regarding the Metaphysical
I’m new to the metaphysical so I’m still developing my understanding. So far I’ve actualized intent and manifestation, as well as opening my third eye, opening my chakras, as well as meditation/mindfulness. I’m naturally charming as it’s in my zodiac sign.

A little about me
I see myself in a positive light. I have a lot to contribute to the world. I’m fairly innocent and not promiscuous and no matter what people think of me because of my virtually non-existent body count, I don’t care. I served in the military and know things that most people don’t, seem things that most people haven’t and they wouldn’t ever be able to handle what I go through. I barely am able to myself. Overall I’m a thoughtful person.

Let me tell you about you
You’re my universe, my better half. When I’m with you time stand stills and an hour seems like an instant. We can talk about things for hours on end and there isn’t a dull moment. You’re equal parts witty to intelligent and it only highlights your inner and outer beauty. When I’m down and I have my doubts, you know exactly what to do to comfort me. You keep me under a spell that I don’t want to escape. When it’s just you and me, the world doesn’t matter.

Others see these qualities in myself
Great cook- I make the best sunny-side up eggs that even Gordon Ramsey approves of; Amazing singer- I can serenade you; Attentive lover- It speaks for itself; Clean and tidy- hygiene is important; Protector- I want to make sure that you feel safe.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
I vape.

Reading, writing, art, photography, yoga/meditation, gems/crystals, coffee, magick, philosophy, epistemology, science.

Looking for
Someone decent/practical/ is able to give me a push. I’m also very social so you have to be someone who talks a lo

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