New York
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Remote Viewer

Regarding the Metaphysical
Remote Viewer, Jungian Transpersonal Psychology, Synchronicity, Soulmating, Astrology, Psychic Dreams, World Comparative Religion, Intrepetive Mythology, Waite Tarot, Psychomancy, UFOlogy, Astral Travel, Reincarnation, Nutrition, Health, Shakra Energy Work, Angelology, Gnostism, Alchemy, Tantra, Prophetic Discernment, Native American Sacred Pipe Shamanism, Spiritual Healing, Dream Interpretation, Metaphysical Literature and Religious History, Righteousness, Grace

A little about me
Publisher, Writer, Businessman, intellectual, interesting

Boernician Scot, Basque/American

My Businesses:

Nordhammer Publishers

Let me tell you about you
Interesting Female Metaphysician, well read, educated, conversational, fun, independent, very open minded, peaceful person, Calm and strong

Others see these qualities in myself
Work ethic, inventiveness, conversational, adventurous, philosophical, friendly, good person, loyal, companion

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
Pacing myself properly, cultivation of slightly better organizational skills.

Polymath, Research, engineering, technology, classical literature, philosophy, Fusion Physics, native Shamanism, Sacred Pipe Building, Soulmating, Synastry, Matchmaking, Publishing and writing books -

Additional Information
Retired, PsiOPS Intelligence, CRV

Looking for
Long Term Relationship, soulmate, life companion, fellow intellectual,

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