West Yorkshire
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Finding my souls place

Regarding the Metaphysical
Completely open-minded. Recently made aware that I can communicate with spirit and still coming to terms with it.

Making meditation a regular habit again and staying completely open-minded to all forms, forgiving myself of past mistakes and other people.

A little about me
I'm not 49, I'm 26, not quite comfortable with myself completely. Since my awakening last June I've had euphoric moments and painful moments. met a soul mate months back, but it didn't go anywhere. Working on insecurities with mind and body right now. Heading into learning witchcraft after being told by my guides.

Let me tell you about you
Someone who isn't rigid with themselves or their emotions, someone with ambition and drive. Someone with a balance of the material and spiritual world

Others see these qualities in myself
I'm blank here if I'm honest.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
Lack of exercise

Videogames, reading, music, manga, comic books, cinema, meeting new people

Additional Information
I've got some trauma to get over, to figure my mediumship out to not be afraid of any part of it, but I also just need to develop myself to my peak potential...if possible. Wouldn't leave it all to someone else.

Looking for
Someone that can support the difficulties that I have going on right now, but also someone that I feel completely comfor

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