Fort Myers
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music man entertainer singer/guitarist/songwriter/producer

Regarding the Metaphysical
I have studied with an enlightened master, Prophet or, for two years as well as attending the metaphysical menagerie in sarasota for automatic writing and spirtual healing .I also have my own meetup site I meditate daily and try to stay in the now at one with that which is.I walk,swim and or bike almost dailey. I look at least as good if not better than men twenty years younger than I.I try to eat healthy but don"t always make it.I'm working on it as well as trying to progress on the path with no one to connect with spiritually and romantically at this time.

A little about me
I am 70% disabled working on 100% from the VA and collect social security. I still do gigs at senior living facilities and nursing facilities on a regular schedule as well as other gigs that come up. I'm an accomplished singer guitarist entertainer as I have pretty well made a living at music exclusively for almost thirty years so music will always be a big part of my life as I am currently envolved with writing a channelled music album of original music featuring metaphysical principals which I plan to do some touring eventually to try help wake up people with my music and fulfill my mission as a lightworker from another galaxy I've been told!

Let me tell you about you
Younger woman who can dig an older cat who is easy going and wants to have life be fun as well as serve. An older chick who is youngish will do as well, don"t have to be a raving beauty but looks good and is very nice and sweet and of course a musican,singer,keyboards or art person that spends a lot of time with their art as I will always be at my music in some way.Enjoying eachother on many levels you see.

Others see these qualities in myself
Helping with cooking,cleaning, shopping anything to be able to make life easier and pleasurable as thats what it's all about for me.Being at one with it all and having as few hangups as possible.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
Getting down in low frequency spaces some but trying to stay out of karma as much as possible.Working on it!

Spirituallity and becomming more solid on the path with a like minded lover to grow with.

Additional Information
I'm a good man I've been told that by spiritually advanced women including my soon to be ex-wife. We just don"t cennect anymore as she still follows the morman church and I had my name removed from it. It's been an interesting and somewhat bumby ride to get to where I am now,but I wouldn"t have it any other way you see. Namaste!

Looking for
Long Term Relationship, Friendship,

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