Salt Lake City
United States
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Aspiring Archangel

Regarding the Metaphysical
Quantum physics. Metaphysics. Infinite possibility. Parallel universes. Planetary ascension. assisting others to find their spirit guides / angelic teachers. Astral-projection. Light-body transformation /translation. Reiki. Tai-Chi. Life-force energy. All religions. All things.

A little about me
There is way too much to me to put into one line. I am constantly learning and growing, thus you can not define me or contain me.

Let me tell you about you
You should be in touch with your guides, if not, I can help. Other than that, I'm pretty open minded... anything is possible.

Others see these qualities in myself
Love to learn new things.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
Very independent. Very passionate about metaphysics (to a pain).

Science and nature. Outdoor activities. Experiencing new things.

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