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Regarding the Metaphysical
All I can say is

A little about me
I communicate with my spirit guide often and ask myself why I meant to be single for so long. When I lived in Russia, I had a quick marriage that ended suddenly due to the visa drama so after that, I become numb for a long time but now I am ready to find my life partner.

Let me tell you about you
A female that is willing to relocate to Guatape Colombia. Just google it:) I am building a small 2 story home named "Pachamama" which the Indiginous people would call Gaia*

Others see these qualities in myself
Learning not to judge because in all of my past lives I was just like the people who I see their faults.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
I have gotten so used to being alone, I like my alone time.

Past lives, Lemuria and Crystals*

Additional Information
I try to avoid money but in this 3rd dimension it is needed so I will rent out my second floor so I don't have to be part of this economic slavery 9 to 5 system.

Looking for
Long Term Relationship,

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