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Living in harmony with nature

Regarding the Metaphysical
I’m sensitive, some of my interests are... magick, I Ching, doing volunteer work for local anti- nuke issues, tarot, kindness based vegan, yoga, ecstatic dance, TCM (apprenticed for two years), herbalism, meditating, hiking, pen-palling, local hotspringing, massage, permaculture organic gardening, creative hand crafted homemaking, biking, swimming, pets, left politics, sacred ceremony, movies, reading, art, barterfairs, poetry, free jazz, classical and New Age music, astrology, feminism, synchronicity, totem empowerment, . Id enjoy sending photos of me and my life, just not post them publicly.

A little about me
I was born with a voracious divine discontent. But since my wifes death 13 years ago, Its sunk in deeply that the solo quest for complete communion with Goddess when followed to its end leads no where but death, As no mater how green I live, Goddesses body would live more healthy with out one more human damaging her by not being capable of living in full harmony with nature. But when seeking Her through human relationship I am rooted back in the mundane world. It helps keep me laughing at myself and enjoying soft pleasures and gentle steps. I sometimes wonder if the only thing we are truly capable of with each other is to comfort one another. Perhaps that’s what I’m really seeking another kindred spirit to say “me too”.

Let me tell you about you
I am a mix of silk and sword, not easy to forget, but not easy to walk beside either. I have had lots of extreme adventures due to my deep trust of Goddesses wisperings. And although “Fortune favors the brave”... It does not mean the brave will not live humanly lonely lives. But I’ve decided to stretch my wings and play with the vast possibilities of the Internet. I have no shortage of creative drive and inspiration to find kindred spirits, but honestly have no idea at all if it is attainable or even in my fate.

Others see these qualities in myself
I live with a great depth of devotion toward the dark mystery of the Goddesses fluid moment. My burning curiosity and longing for ecstatic communion gives me a desire to dance in the abyss with profound meaning. I’ve always been amazed that others can accept views that humans evolved “to” the Enlightenment era of rational thinking and science....As I could never in a million arrogant years believe that I could be so powerful as to have created this awesomely interconnected synchronistic world within my own imagination as some kind of self created need for meaning. Since adulthood I have been following the I-Ching, reading tarot, having otherside visitations from the departed. I have precognitive dreams that have several times saved my life. The effect of living with “faith” is a communion with the bigger whole of life ....and this life long divine discontent demands it of me. The intelligent evolution of the external world is reflected in the internal world. I believe life is loving Herself .....Without it why would the opposites of electrical impulse hold the world together? We are blessed to share the journey.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
I lost my wife of 18 years to bone cancer...also all of our neighbors on our water shed died of it, as unbeknownst to us uranium testing was being done above our water shed, I’m not sure why I survived, but I’ve been a widow for 13 years and I’m still quite healthy. We lived very remote and modest, traveled by horse etc. I’m now living in a small town in Idaho to care take my local elder mother. Someday I would love to live in community again or some form of cohousing.

I am 56, however I look 20 years older than I am, because I pulled my teeth and I’ve also suffered intensely over issues that never cross most peoples in my youth standing at the brink of suicide to not create suffering through what I eat (even plant suffering), hitchhiking for many years where ever the wind blew with no $ or possessions ...every state and 14 countries, including at the time the war zones of Central America, being arrested for civil disobedience more times than I can count, living outside in the most harsh and redneck places so I could try to live completely responsible with no impact on the planets health, 30 day water fasts, finding my way in my 20s to lifetime financial freedom through being a $ successful dominatrix, I’ve completely isolated myself in grief from people in a desert cave for 5 years when my mate died etc. I live more traditional at the moment, but you should know I am a different kind of person than almost everyone around me.

Additional Information
I believe most of the worlds problems could be solved by making it illegal to own over one million dollars.

Looking for
Long Term Relationship, Friendship,

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