Serious Clown
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Are you an old soul?

Regarding the Metaphysical
I value personal experience over any theory. I like the metaphysical, but I'm repelled by anyone claiming to know more or have more access to "Truth" than others, because it's disempowering. Self-connection and autonomy is paramount in any spiritual journey.

A little about me
Basically, I'm someone with some depth who is paradoxically simple. Sort of like the Tao Te Ching if you added some interpretive dancing & clowning of it. I can have fun with almost everything & everyone, but I value spending time with fairly open & aware people who know how to relax, have fun, and be balanced at the same time. Art and expression I value a lot, so it's helpful if you too have an appreciation therein, even if it's only an expression. I've also been called very catlike, so if you love cats, you'll probably like me.

I'm totally with the Dalai Lama when he says "my religion is love". I strive to practising loving-kindness towards everyone, including George Bush. Really, he needs it. Yes, I even hug Republicans! If you also see the universe as good just as it is, chances are we could share some good times. That does NOT mean doing nothing and being apathetic about the state of the world either!

Let me tell you about you relate to me. You are open but have some healthy skepticism.

As of 2015 I'm in a wonderful open relationship. So I am open to friends and more, but please take this into account. I believe spiritual connections should not have ownership. But I love deep emotional bonds developing.

Others see these qualities in myself
Good listener, live life with silliness, direct observations, continually make people laugh.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
Easy to let things slide. But then I enjoy doing nothing and relaxing.

On the interest side, I act, sing, dance, play music, write, travel, find nature in the strangest places and times, get exercise in many ways, and generally hang out with friends. A strong connection with nature is important; I'll go out backpacking into the wilderness alone once a year at least. Foreign places have definitely shaped me. One of my trips was a 6 month sojourn in India, from river rafting to monasteries (staying inside) and backpacking through the Himalayas. That's why I always take anything imposed as a "cultural fact" with a grain of salt. I am also considered quite intelligent, having had no problem getting an honors math degree with very limited studiousness.

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