White Plains
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I know who I am and I'm longing to be discovered.

Regarding the Metaphysical
I have a higher purpose, a calling I must accept in order to reach my highest potential, which is to affect positive change upon the world I live in by assisting in the current paradigm shift of ushering personal relationships into the realm of experiencing unconditional love and in return sharing through authenticity. We emit love because Yahweh first loved us in our worst and unlovable conditions. I believe love has and adheres to conscious accountibility.

A little about me
I am a divine feminine counterpart who is currently in physical separation indefinitely. Love is to be shared reciprocibly and if you understand this concept then you would have my initial interest and I would enjoy learning you more...a lot more.

Let me tell you about you
You are love and you are aware of who you are and are capable of reiiterating that with deep conviction regardless of my thoughts or opinion. You embody authenticity.

Others see these qualities in myself
I am goofy! I snort when I laugh & if it's REALLY funny, I'll cry & mostlikely laugh too loud for your ears, & cry some more. I have jokes that are totally unintentional but people laugh. I talk audibly to myself while pacing. I blush easily. I smile

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
I bite my already short nails, nervous, thinking habit.

Take me to travel anywhere to a third world area for volunteering purposes as a date and let's eat with the locals. Record a tarot reading session with me. Laze around watching Marvel & DC comics!

Additional Information
If you know your life path and you are also a divine counterpart then I'd be honored to walk this path alongside you for however long our connection lasts.

Looking for
I am attracting who's attracting me. We are therefore ready, available and able to bond in a healthy way.

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