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I Love, Because I AM Love

Regarding the Metaphysical
Reiki, Magick, Sacred Sexuality

A little about me
I am a massage therapist and ambassador of hugs. I am interested in exploring tantra and other forms of sacred sexuality, shamanism, a gift economy, all kinds of things. I'm always learning and exploring something.

I like to dream amazing, seemingly impossible things, massage, sit or walk in communion with nature, stargaze, play in the rain, moonbathe, engage in genuine, interesting conversation, go with the flow.

I'm pretty sure I was a cat in a former life ~ I have a lot of cat qualities ~ I'm insatiably curious, I love naps, I cherish my space, independence and solitude, I'm very sensual and I love to be petted and cuddled, plus I was born under Leo and given a "Cat" name; the nine lives thing, though, remains to be seen :)

What I want to give. What I want someone to enjoy receiving from me and value highly:

• Touch, hugs, massage, cuddling
• Words of affirmation, appreciation, and encouragement
• I enjoy sharing insights and what I am learning
• Inspiration and stimulation - creative, emotional, mental, spiritual, and/or sexual.
• Support in growth or healing
• An intimate, passionate, omni-dimensional, transcendent love and sexual relationship. It may sound huge and complicated, but I think it's as simple to me as being open and attentive.

Let me tell you about you
What I want to receive includes the things above, and:

• To know that I am wanted
• To share lots of laughter
• Stimulating conversation
• A willingness to explore whatever arises, rather than shutting me out or hiding, and to hold space for any healing work I may have yet to do
• Open and honest communication, if something is not working, it needs to be addressed, not suppressed
• A willingness to explore sacred sexuality together
• A willingness to explore, learn, grow and share in other areas, as well

My deal-breakers:

• Inability or unwillingness to accept me as I am. If someone wants to change me, they are not loving me, but some idealized image.
• If I can't openly share my truth
• Clinginess or smothering - everyone needs a little personal space and solitude
• Secretive and uncommunicative - everyone is entitled to privacy, but if it affects me, I want to know, or if you won't allow yourself to be known, I'm not cool with that. A relationship can only grow deep and expansive in an atmosphere of trust and openness.
• Lying. I want to be able to trust what you say
• Being pushy or demanding
• Dogmatic or judgmental
• I won't play the codependent game any more.
• Unwillingness to explore and work through the stuff that comes up for healing. Life and love are spiritual practice.
• Expecting me to be a mind-reader. Ask for what you need, and I will do the same
• If we can't enjoy sharing touch and sensual experiences outside of sex. I am very sexual, but I am also very sensual and affectionate, and sometimes loving touch is everything I need. Sometimes. :)
• Unwillingness to explore sacred sexuality . I don't care about freaky positions, but I do wish to share an omni-dimensional, transcendent connection - heart, body, mind, soul, spirit - that empowers both of us to realize and expand our creative potential and to become the grandest version of the greatest vision of all we can be, to bring out the best in one another and to expand one another's capacity to love and serve.

Others see these qualities in myself
I love. I give. I encourage. I bless.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
My flaws (as other people might see it, because obviously I am okay with them, unless I change my mind):

* I am not very domestic. If you need a housekeeper, I would disappoint you.
* I am a decent cook, but I don't like to cook alone. I like to cook socially.
* My car is usually messy and somewhat neglected.
* I intend to eat healthier and exercise, and sometimes I do.
* If you can't enjoy me as I am, though, (you know curvy means "not skinny", right?) let's not play.
* I am separated, as you may or may not have noticed. That's from a legal standpoint. From a practical standpoint, I've been divorced for a very long time. I suppose eventually, I'll go through the legal process.
* I am not all that great with earthly games such as they are. For instance, I couldn't care less about my credit, because I don't want to buy things on credit, anyway. I would love to be off the grid entirely, and I hope to make that happen eventually.
* I don't wear makeup and I don't cover the gray in my hair. That's not because I'm not vain, but because I am a natural girl, and I don't want all that junk on my face and hair. Besides, I think the beauty industry has women by the balls, and I am in high protest. Okay, I do use some products, but I am not going to let some greedy company convince me that I must have their product to be acceptable.
* I no longer value nationalism, patriotism, religion, commerce or politics or what tries to pass for education nowadays. I do, however, value people and relationships.

unconditional love, hugging, massage, sacred sexuality, sex magick, magick, gift economy, unconditional giving, realizing freedom, stargazing, moon-bathing, soul-gazing, nature, remembering oneness, shamanism, sexercise, exerplay, A New Earth, The Celestine Prophecy, exploration, discovery, books, music, movies

Looking for
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