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Love is Beautiful Power

Regarding the Metaphysical
I believe we are all One connected by Source. I believe in Angel's, Spirit Guides, Divine Beings of Love and Light, God and Goddess Energy. We are all here for learning different aspects of being, through this life and past lives. We each have a higher aspect of ourselves on a higher dimensional plane which is constantly giving us guidance in all ways. I believe we are in the collective awakening process and are here to be way-showers, healers and expressions of The Christ Consciousness.

A little about me
I am doing my best everyday to be the highest expression of myself. I am evolving moment to moment. I enjoy Tarot, Rune, and Oracal as guidance from the Divine. I have had plenty of ego driven relationships and have chosen to be "single" for about 5 years. I am not looking for superficial encounters, yet am always open to meeting soul friends if the connection isn't quite right.

Let me tell you about you
I am intending to meet a partner who enjoys exploring the soul and spiritual side of existence. Who loves outdoors and animals and exploring the beautiful world around us. A kind, loving and conscious being who has a similar vibration to myself. I wish to experience a partner whom we gravitate towards one another, and we share the same physical attraction and intimate chemical desire. Someone who is comfortable and confident without being self-serving. It is also important to me to unite with someone who is truthful to himself and me.

Others see these qualities in myself
A positive attitude, sharing kindness, I love all beings, loyalty and honestly.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
I am not as dedicated to excercise and meditation as I would like to be. Still working through some habits from my past, which are not healthy.

Reiki, crystal energy, would love to learn Yoga. I desire opening more personal spiritual gifts to use regularly. I desire to work in the spiritual realm full time, one day.

Looking for
I really hope to be in an equally fulfilling partnership. One where there is no judgement and full of compassion. I have

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